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Village Voice. Out Magazine. Gay Rights Media. Gay Times Magazine. LGBTory Canada. Information about Page Insights Data. Recommendations and Reviews. As I became more comfortable with myself and with my sexual orientation, I toned down the femme a bit. They made me feel like me. Growing up, I was actually a cowgirl. I had two basic looks: In high school, I rocked skinny jeans and white v-necks for years.

I loved the simplicity of this outfit. I could play viola in it; I could go to church; I could go to cafes.


It said nothing, which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to erase any signifiers of my evolving gender identity and sexuality. Oh, come on. You know you want the same thing. Collared shirts and leather boots were definitely a good first step. I then realized that the long mass of curls on my head rendered me illegitimate and invisible in a lot of queer spaces. My hair and my clothing are statements that complicate androgyny, female-bodied-ness, gender, class, and race in ways that are not at first apparent.

I dress like a frat boy, but I queer my look with plenty of sass and gender nonconformity along the way. For both of us, what we wore and how we wore it was incredibly important during our coming out processes. We were trying to figure out how we wanted to present ourselves, and what we wanted the world to see at first glance.

Even though we headed in different style directions, both of us shed our non-descript, identity-hiding clothing after we came out. And both of us look to our clothing now to help us negotiate our queer identities in the world. Just like us, the subjects in our film are constantly negotiating their queer identities through their clothing, and just like us, they consider their clothing to be intimately connected to their gender presentation.

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The five women including A. It was frustrating to be overlooked in queer circles, or to feel as though others were wondering why that straight girl was there.

Aside from the practical problem of being unable to get a date because everyone thought I was straight, being read as straight barred me from feeling like I was part of the queer community. I wanted ways to differentiate myself from the pack, to let it be known to others that I was queer. And so I adopted some new—or emphasized some existing—queer signifiers, which Naomi and Hanna mention in the film. Industrial piercing? Shaved part of the head? Some new lids and a couple pairs of kicks? Double check.

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In fact, I pretty much only wear dresses now. True story: I really loved the masculinities that Meagan, Taylor, and Hanna embodied and discussed. Love it. Even though all of the subjects are Oberlin College students, we think that queer experiences are relatable across a broad range of identities and experiences, and that gender, bespoke is able to resonate beyond the borders of Oberlin and into the greater queer community. When we were first planning the film, we talked about this at length—with each other, with our friends, with anyone who would talk to us.

The process of making gender, bespoke has been an amazing one. Plus we picked up a few fashion tips along the way. Clothing allows us to create an identity for ourselves—and to control how other people view us and consider us. To get in touch with A. You need to login in order to like this post: I love this project!

And I like to get into extremely feminine spaces hello, lingerie and queer it up a bit. It makes me feel uncomfortable and left out a lot. Great video! Thanks for sharing. Same here. I have no idea.

Woven From Me: "Gender, Bespoke" Explores How Identity Creates Style | Autostraddle

Hey everyone. At puberty I realized that while I found women to be more physically attractive I wanted or assumed a heterosexual identity. Like I was comfortable with the idea of kissing, cuddling, even being nude and touching and wanted that kind of attention and affection but just had this strange line of but not actual sex.